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    What's new

    TEKA and Henan University carry out cooperation and exchange between University and enterprise

    Release date:2021-03-22

    In order to implement the "national vocational education reform implementation plan" and strive to realize the pattern of "school enterprise cooperation, production and learning win-win", on March 22, 2021, TEKA'S leaders went to Henan University. Under the warm reception of president Zhao Wei, the two sides carried out the study and exchange work.image.png


           President Zhao introduced the development history of Henan University in the past hundred years, and deeply discussed the future cooperation between the two sides in the fields of talent training, student internship, student employment, technical exchange, technical cooperation, etc. Both sides believe that school enterprise cooperation is an inevitable choice for schools, enterprises.


    Mr. Zheng said: "we hope that both sides can cooperate in multiple levels, forms and fields to realize the organic combination and optimization of school and enterprise resources.". We will promote, progress and develop together to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation between the two sides, and cultivate more high-quality and high-quality talents with high standards and meet the needs of society and enterprises.


    This school enterprise cooperation and exchange activity is just the beginning. We firmly believe that under the common guidance of both sides, mutual cooperation will go deeper and deeper, and the road of school enterprise cooperation will be wider and wider, with common development and fruitful results.